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  First Quality Second Languages  
  How FQSL is Unique

FQSL is a sole proprietorship. Therefore, you can expect dedicated service. That translates well into minimal paperwork when you enroll and prompt and accurate responses to your requests. The owner, a linguist with several decades of foreign language teaching experience, selects her instructors according their teaching performances during the initial interview. She stresses the difference between being able to speak a language and being capable of teaching it.

FQSL prides itself on its “flexibility policy.”  Clients select their: 
  • location for classes
  • schedule, including number of days, times and frequency of sessions 
  • choice of 4 reasonable payment plans
Your program is tailored to your needs. Knowing that students progress at their own pace, have different learning styles as well as various reasons for learning a language, FQSL’s teachers are capable of adapting their approaches and concentrating on what is important to you.
Rosalyn Secor, Ph.D. has taught several languages to students of all age groups and levels of fluency for more than 35 years. Her premise is that second language acquisition should be modeled after the steps to learning one’s native tongue: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Regardless of the teacher’s style of presentation, Dr. Secor encourages her instructors to use a transitional approach in which each concept is reinforced by the one that preceded it. Succinctly stated, you will neither be required to repeat lists of words nor to parrot phrases. Instead, you will build conversational skills by applying vocabulary and structure in context.